Being Mother of the Bride

The Plans Begin May 19, 2010

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Elizabeth & I met in St Louis to begin a week of being a Bride!

No the wedding won’t be in St. Louis, it will be in North Canton, but this was an important stop.

My Sister, her Aunt Ellen lives in Lebanon, Illinois.

Ellen is…incredibly creative.

She & her husband Tim also own a gourmet store,

specializing in wine & loose leaf so many other amazing goodies.

(check it out

This is the tea room.

We had such a good time here.

She is so incredibly knowledgeable, we left with so many different flavors of tea

that taste great & are good for your body…all for that!!

Ellen Surprised Elizabeth with letting her know that she will blend a tea just for the wedding!

Off to her house & we continued our planning,

this time with wine & food!!

We started with gourmet cheeses…can you tell we enjoyed them??

Moved on to some appetizers she had made in advance & frozen.

We need to test them to see if they passed the freeze & re-heat process.

Some of them did…some of them didn’t….guess that’s why we test…….

Did I mention my sister is also a gourmet chef??

Again a really important stop on the week of bridal planning.

8.5 hour drive back to Ohio and the planning continues…


Finding a venue March 12, 2010

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How do you find the perfect venue for your wedding????

First ask yourself, what have I always imagined? Start there!!!

There are many options. Some you may not have thought about…the zoo…the art gallery…a historic home….

Find what fits your style as a couple, and of course your budget.

Where do you begin looking?

1.Local bridal magazines. You’ll find tons of sources in your area. They will have photographs, spotlights on area weddings & web addresses of the places you will want to check out.

2. Bridal Shows. Bridal shows are an amazing place to get a lot of information in one place. There will be representatives there to answer questions for you and set up an appointment to view the venue.

3. The internet….There are lots of bridal websites that can direct you to area venues. If you want to have a different type of place, start googling key works that you may not think about immediately, Lodge, Park, Historic Homes, Party Room…

Inlux Photo

Decisions you need to make as a couple:

Do you want to provide your own caterer?

Do you want to have a bar?

How many people are you planning on inviting?

What is your budget???????

This is important information to determine before visiting with wedding/reception venues.


Make a list,of prospective venues that meet your criteria and start your visits!!!


My current assignment! February 22, 2010

One of the design elements my Daughter has decided on, is to use both white & clear glass vases & pots.

My mission is to find the vases &  pots.

This is certainly an area in which I can hit thrift shops & find some unique things at a GREAT price.

So between now & the wedding this will be my ongoing project.

Fortunately, she does not want them to be the same.

That makes it much easier and much more fun to see what you can find.

The bad part of hitting my favorite thrift shore, is that I also found this great milk glass set.

My daughter LOVES milk glass, so honey this is yours too!!

First day of shopping, 15 vases or pots, a milk glass set…$15.75……

Did I mention I LOVE a great bargain!!!


What the heck do you do first?? February 18, 2010

My daughter grew up in the Bridal Store, so I must say we’ve talked weddings for years. She & Christopher have been together for 6 years, so at some point she started saving ideas & has a HUGE file of things she likes.  Breaking this down & making a plan is the challenge. You have to make some initial decisions.

1.How much money do you want to spend. Make a budget & stick to it. It’s imperative.

2.How many people are you thinking of inviting. Make your BIG list.  Put on it everyone you would like to invite. Get the same from his family and in our case we need one from her Dad’s family as well. This IS NOT set in stone list. This is a start.

3.When would you like to get married? Plan on being flexible with this. Halls & Churches book up quickly, your ideal date may not be available.

This is where we are starting. My list is due to her later this week. I’d better get busy!!!!!!!!


Los Angeles February 14, 2010

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I live in Ohio & we have been pummeled with snow!!!

I love when work takes me to LA, for 2 reasons. My son lives in LA & it’s warm sunny & things are blooming.

My daughter lives in Houston so meeting in LA is perfect for all of us.

Her first gift!

I wanted to bring a gift for her, so I brought what I have recommended to others for years.  A wedding planner book. I do believe many things are most organized & easy to access on the computer, but a reference book is always great too. This step by step guide won’t let you forget a single detail & is great for answering most of your questions.

It makes the PERFECT first gift!

We knew our LA trip would eventually make it to shoes!

We had to go try on some fabulous shoes. Every bride needs amazing shoes with her gown.

They do really show!!! Eventually we will even get a gown to go with them.

Amazing food  wine is always a part our visit’s with Theodore & Matt. We all love to cook & try new things

. Everything is always perfect. Theodore is an excellent entertainer.

He also has great ideas on his blog Check it out!

Hence once again, this is going to be a great wedding.

Another great thing about out visits to

LA is Theodore is an

amazing & accomplished hair stylist.

He somehow always finds time to do his Mothers & Sisters hair.

We are so happy that he does!!!

Much wedding talk took place in LA as we knew it would. Tossed around LOTS of ideas and are ready for the next step!

I even got all of my work done!!!


The Engagement

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Christopher proposed on February 7, 2010. She was surprised…He made a cute stop start video of the proposal and caught it all. I love when guys are creative. It happened to be Super Bowl night so one phone call got many family members at once. Her first call was to her Dad, with that Aunt Lisa, Grandma & many cousins found out. Her next call was to us. We had a house full too. Many friends got to hear the great news. She then started her list of best friends, Nana & her brother. In the mean time Facebook started to explode, with Grandma & cousins posting well wishes. She had to hurry with the phone calls so someone special to her didn’t find out via Facebook.  That was a fun & exciting night for all of us. I couldn’t wait to see her & was very happy that we had a pre planned trip to LA to see my oldest son Theodore. Perfect timing Christopher!!


About me…

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Welcome! I am Kathie Leaf Bordner..I am a Mother of the Bride…as of February 7, 2010. I am thrilled, excited & know just what to expect! I’ve managed my family’s bridal salon, Doreen Leaf Designs for 18 years. I have worked with thousands of Mothers over the years, every shape, size & situation. This will be a fun & exciting event. I have an incredibly creative family. Everyone has an expertise!!! I invite you on my journey as Mother of the Bride. Would love to share my tips and ideas & have you share yours!!!